[Mauiusers] Script to notify users about resource violations

Nick Sonneveld Nicholas.Sonneveld at utas.edu.au
Wed Mar 7 22:52:51 MST 2007

Hi guys,

I wrote a quick script to tail the maui logs and let users know the 
exact reason their job got killed by maui.    There are some fixed paths 
but they're all easily modified at the top of the script.

A later project would be to modify maui to send out an email better than:

PBS Job Id: 3683.whiteout.sf.utas.edu.au
Job Name:   STDIN
job deleted
Job deleted at request of maui at whiteout.sf.utas.edu.au
job violates resource utilization policies

Is it memory?  CPU?  disk space? :)

- Nick

Nick Sonneveld  |  Nicholas.Sonneveld at utas.edu.au
IT Resources, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 69, Hobart Tas 7001
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