[Mauiusers] Maui TEST mode

Artyom Bakulin artyom.bakulin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 17:30:27 MST 2007


I have a tiny cluster with torque and maui 3.2.6p18 installed. I am trying
to run the second instance of maui in TEST mode. I have created
maui_test.cfg that is identical to my usual maui.cfg except lines

LOGFILE maui_test.log

So I launch the second instance of maui:
%maui --configfile=/usr/local/maui/maui_test.cfg

The second maui starts, I can read it's log, it actually performs some
scheduling. The problem is it cannot connect to torque's 15004 port.

03/05 02:15:46 WARNING: cannot bind to port 15004, errno: 98 (Address
already in use)
03/05 02:15:46 WARNING: cannot connect to PBS scheduler port 15004

Thus the 2nd instance doesn't receive any messages from torque, and it
doesn't start new scheduling iteration when job is submitted or terminated.
This means that two maui instances run asynchronously and produce different

Is there any way to attach the second maui to 15004 port? If it is possible,
two instances will synchronize each time job is submitted or terminated.


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