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Jones J.W. J.W.Jones at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Jun 28 07:39:07 MDT 2007

I have been trying for a few days now to partition our cluster using QoS
rather than Maui partitions but have been unsuccessful.
I am using OpenPBS 2.3.12 and Maui 3.2.6p13.
We have a heterogenous cluster consisting of 22 nodes.
Nodes 1 - 8 are older, single core, dual CPU machines and are available
for the whole centre to run on. For these nodes I have a number of
queues: cpu1, cpu2, cpu4 and cpu8 with differing maximum runtimes for
each (the numbers are maximum number of CPUs). For these nodes I also
try stop queue stuffing by using:
Nodes 9 - 22 have recently been purchased by a particular research group
and are dual-cpu, dual core machines with faster CPUs. These machines,
at least for the short term, will only be accessible to a small group of
users. These nodes have one queue, cfd, which will have less restrictive
limits, e.g.
In the near future the cluster will be extended again by another group
with the same provisos that their nodes will be for their own group for
the forseeable future.
I was hoping to achieve this by setting up two standing reservations,
public and cfd, which would reserve all of the nodes:
SRCFG[public_res]         CLASSLIST=cpu1,cpu2,cpu4,cpu8
SRCFG[cfd_res]             CLASSLIST=cfd
HOSTLIST="^node(9|1[0-9]|2[0-1])$" PERIOD=INFINITY QOSLIST=cfd_qos
then define two QoS, one for each reservation, that restricts jobs to
the appropriate set of nodes:
QOSCFG[public_qos]        FLAGS=USERESERVED:public_res.0.0
QOSCFG[cfd_qos]            FLAGS=USERESERVED:cfd_res.0.0
then set up each class to have the appropriate default QoS and use the
appropriate reservation:
CLASSCFG[cpu1]          FLAGS=ADVRES:public_res.0.0 QDEF=public_qos
CLASSCFG[cpu2]          FLAGS=ADVRES:public_res.0.0 QDEF=public_qos
CLASSCFG[cpu4]          FLAGS=ADVRES:public_res.0.0 QDEF=public_qos
CLASSCFG[cpu8]          FLAGS=ADVRES:public_res.0.0 QDEF=public_qos
CLASSCFG[cfd]            FLAGS=ADVRES:cfd_res.0.0 QDEF=cfd_qos
then set differing throttles for users in the diferent QoS's:
USERCFG[DEFAULT]        QDEF=public_qos MAXPROC[QOS:public_qos]=8
MAXJOB[QOS:public_qos]=4 MAXIPROC[QOS:public_qos]=8

USERCFG[DEFAULT]       MAXPROC[QOS:cfd_qos]=32 MAXJOB[QOS:cfd_qos]=32
MAXIPROC[QOS:cfd_qos]=32 MAXIJOB[QOS:cfd_qos]=32
and then finally allow the users of the CFD group access to their
resources by either:
GROUPCFG[cfd]    QDEF=cfd_qos, QLIST=public_qos, cfd_qos
or lots of:
USERCFG[username] QDEF=cfd_qos, QLIST=public_qos, cfd_qos
the GROUP one being favourite as there are a lot of users.
The end result I wanted was to automatically:
- Set any jobs in queues cpu[1-8] to use the first set of nodes
- Set any jobs in queue cfd to use the second set of nodes
- Allow any user to subkit to queues cpu[1-8] with the MAXJOB, MAXPROC
values being more restrictive
- Allow the cfd group to submit to the cpu[1-8] queues and the cfd
queue, with the MAXJOB, MAXPROC values being less restrictive.
Any help would be appreciated as I am coming up blank.
Dr Jason W Jones

School of Engineering

University of Wales Swansea 

Singleton Park









j.w.jones at swansea.ac.uk   



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