[Mauiusers] assigning a node to a torque queue

Carlos Borrego Iglesias cborrego at pic.es
Tue Jun 26 08:13:58 MDT 2007

I am trying to define a reservation in which a torque queue (test) is 
assigned a node (td154.pic.es) and just that one. I thought this 
configuration was enough, but my jobs are running in other nodes rather 
the one I want to :

node assigned to queue
SRCFG[test]        NODEFEATURES=test
SRCFG[test]        USERLIST=cborrego,dteam001
SRCFG[test]        MAXPROC=4 PRIORITY=1000
SRCFG[test]        HOSTLIST=td154.pic.es
SRCFG[test]        TASKCOUNT=4
SRCFG[test]        STARTTIME=0:00:00 ENDTIME=24:00:00
SRCFG[test]        CLASSLIST=test

the node td154.pic.es has as property "test" (qmgr  -c "set node 
td154.pic.es  properties += test")

Unfortunately I can't use the option -l for qsub to specify the 
"resource_list" since it's a grid job and the submission is done to the 
queue "test" without any option.

The problem is that these jobs finish running in other nodes rather than 
the one specified in the HOSTLIST. I have don a test using "qsub -q 
test" but it happens the same. Indeed I can see the reservation using 

[root at pbs01 root]# showres |grep test
test.0.0            User -   -00:12:07    INFINITY    INFINITY    1/4    
Tue Jun 26 15:58:57

Any ideas?
Thanks so much!

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