[Mauiusers] round robin, never queue idle, always run job.

David Corredor tecnico at nsstc.uah.edu
Fri Jul 20 17:11:23 MDT 2007

  maui 3.2.6p14
  CentOS5 32 bit

  I need to have Maui to always run the requested jobs regardless of 
load and processors in certain nodes. I have designated a set of X nodes 
to be the "interactive" nodes to which the user's will be sent when they 
type "qsub -I -q single-proc" . Since I have X of these nodes, I'd like 
Maui to use the current load as a parameter to look for the least loaded 
node, but I don't want it to use the load as a possible parameter to 
mark the node as "busy" and I want it to ignore the number of processors 
since I'll likely have more users than processors running at the same time.

   All I need is for the job to run immediately and never be queued 
idle. The scheduling is not necessary since these jobs can run 

   Any pointers are appreciated.


David C

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