[Mauiusers] checkpointing node 'job name' is correct behavior?

Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN) zen at sp.nitech.ac.jp
Tue Jul 3 01:25:42 MDT 2007


Garrick Staples wrote (2007/07/03 13:50):

>>> You didn't say the version, but I assume an old version of TORQUE.
>>> Update your TORQUE and rebuild Maui after installing the updated TORQUE
>>> (updating Maui is not required for this particular bug).
>> Hmm, I'm using TORQUE 2.1.7 (not so old, isn't it?).
>> Anyway, I'll update TORQUE and check this phenomenon.
> Hrm, 2.1.7 would certainly have that bug fixed.  Was Maui rebuilt after
> 2.1.7 was installed?

We installed TORQUE 2.1.7 and then built (not rebuilt) Maui.
So I think we need not to rebuild Maui.

Thank you very much,

Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)

 Heiga ZEN     (in Japanese pronunciation)
 Byung Ha CHUN (in Korean pronunciation)

 Department of Computer Science and Engineering
 Nagoya Institute of Technology
 Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya 466-8555 Japan


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