[Mauiusers] Preemption and Queues

Mark Nelson Mark.Nelson at durham.ac.uk
Wed Jan 31 09:43:49 MST 2007


Further to my previous posts, I have managed to get preemption working 
in a fashion.  If I have two queues short and medium, short jobs can 
preempt (i.e. suspend) medium jobs and the medium jobs then restart and 
run to completion.  What I want to do now is have multiple queues eg 
short, medium, long and  extralong and have the following preemptions 
take place -

queue      preemptor's

extralong  long, medium, short
long       medium, short
medium     short.

Is this possible can a queue be both a preemptor and a preemptee at the 
same time?  I know from experience that this is possible in other 
batching systems such as SGE, however the project I am working on 
requires the running of maui/torque.

Can someone from Super Cluster please confirm or deny if this is possible.

Thanks in advance

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