[Mauiusers] Problem with Torque/Maui

Donald Tripp dtripp at hawaii.edu
Wed Jan 24 12:16:31 MST 2007

What does

ps -ef | grep pbs

return? You should see something like this:

...  /usr/local/pbs/i686/sbin/pbs_server

if you see

... /usr/local/pbs/i686/sbin/pbs_mom -r

  then the head node is also configured to run jobs.

also, check

# chkconfig --list | grep pbs
pbs_server      0:off   1:off   2:off   3:on    4:on    5:on    6:off

you should only see pbs_server on the head node. If you see pbs_mom,  
then you need to turn it off and remove it

# chkconfig pbs_mom off
# chkconfig --del pbs_mom

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On Jan 23, 2007, at 5:21 PM, S Ranjan wrote:

> Hi
> I have torque pbs_server running on the headnode, which is also the  
> submit host.  There are 32 other compute nodes, mentioned in /var/ 
> spool/torque/server_priv/nodes file.  There is a single queue at  
> present.  Sometimes, mpi jobs requesting for 28/30 nodes, land up  
> running on the head node, though the head node is not a compute  
> node at all.  netstat -anp shows several sockets being openend for  
> the job, and eventually the head node hangs up.
> Appreciate any help/suggestion on this.
> Sutapa
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