[Mauiusers] Two queues/classes, with one blocking all jobs

Bill Wichser bill at Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 16 11:32:22 MST 2007

Thanks!  Simply looking further down the queue by setting 
RESERVATIONDEPTH to 20, instead of the 4 where I had it, enables queuing 
  to both classes of jobs as expected.


Åke Sandgren wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 09:40 -0500, Bill Wichser wrote:
>>I have a cluster of Linux nodes with two queues/classes.  One is the ib 
>>queue and the other the default.  Users must specify the #PBS -q ib to 
>>get into the ib queue otherwise they go into this default queue.
>>For the sake of example, lets say that there are 64 nodes of IB and 64 
>>nodes or GigE (default).
>>I define in the server_priv/nodes file the attribute of either ib or 
>>noib to the hosts.  In my qmgr I define
>>set queue default resources_default.neednodes = noib
>>set queue ib resources_default.neednodes = ib
>>set queue ib resources_max.nodect = 64
>>In maui.cfg I have set
>>Now the problem.
>>As the ib queue starts running and jobs fill it up, I find that wider 
>>jobs move into the blocked state, as expected, as resources are not 
>>available.  This leaves open the situation where narrower jobs still 
>>being able to fit are scheduled before these wider jobs in the blocked 
>>state as the resources are available.  These wide jobs continue to just 
>>sit there never moving to the idle state and thus never run until the 
>>point when maybe two of the narrower jobs finish at the same time.  Then 
>>there are enough resources available to run these wider jobs.
> If not already set to this then try,
> Or some nice value for depth. And the tune your priority values until
> you are satisfied.

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