[Mauiusers] Re: maui-3.2.6p18 + torque-2.1.6: segfault on Maui

Strickland, Kristian kstrickland at mta.ca
Tue Feb 6 10:57:16 MST 2007


Josh Butikofer wrote:
> Erich,
> We have not yet released an official patch 19 because we received reports that have led us to
> believe that there may be other segmentation faults/bugs lurking in patch 19 snapshots. Threads such
> as "maui crashes with segv" and "maui daemon constantly dies" describe known issues that still need
> to be resolved--or at least need confirmation that they no longer exist in patch 19 snapshots. Some
> postings (such as "maui crashes with segv") have already verified that patch 19 snapshots contain
> bugs and we are doing our best to resolve them.
> As we've mentioned on this list in the past, users who are experiencing this segmentation fault, or
> other bugs, should try upgrading to the latest snapshot to see if these problems are resolved. After
>  our tests and community feedback indicates that reported bugs have been resolved, we will release
> an official patch. We feel this snapshot->patch development model has worked well in the past for
> several of our products.
> We are always open to community fixes/patches for specific bugs and also welcome bug reports with
> detailed information on how to reproduce the problem (steps, stack traces, etc.) Have you had a
> chance to try out the latest snapshot to see if the crash you are experiencing is resolved? Please
> let us know.
> Regards,

	As a user who wants to (finally) upgrade from 3.2.5p2, what version of 
Maui to I move to?  A buggy snapshot that's going to need updating again 
when it's an "official" patch (p19), a known bad patch (p18) or an 
unknown (to me) patch that needed updating (p17)?

Hmm... 3.2.5p2 may be old, but at least it's stable.

Thank you,

Kristian Strickland
Research Technologist/Node Wrangler
Cluster for Advanced Research, Mount Allison University

Please R.U.N.S.A.F.E.

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