[Mauiusers] Throttling Job Starts.

Matt Hodges M.P.Hodges at rl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 7 02:25:08 MST 2007

>>>>> Lennart Karlsson writes:

 > You might try to set MAXIJOB=1 or MAXIJOB=2 for your groups or
 > users. This is bad for backfilling but might be approximately what
 > you are looking for.  (The jobs that are not allowed into the idle
 > queue are blocked and cannot be scheduled until there is a free
 > position in the idle queue.)

 > To set a very low MAXIJOB value for a QOS or a queue would possibly
 > be bad also for your fairshare goals, so I do not propose that.

Thanks, Lennart.  With MAXIJOB and JOBAGGREGATIONTIME I think I can
achieve what I want to do.


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