[Mauiusers] maui crashes when job submitted to pbs

Rich Bruin rbru03 at esc.cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 6 04:04:58 MST 2007

Hello all,

I've been using maui and torque for a few years now very successfully 
and happily. However, I've just installed torque (v2.1.6) and maui 
(v3.2.6p18) on a small test cluster here and am having a little trouble 
with submitting jobs.

As soon as I submit jobs (both mpi and serial jobs) to the cluster using 
qsub maui crashes although the job is actually submitted to one of the 
cluster nodes and runs to completion (as shown by qstat). The test job 
that I am using is simply: 'echo "sleep 60" | qsub' as suggested in the 
pbs quickstart manual.

Running showq before submitting a job works fine and shows the expected 
output. However as soon as the job has been submitted showq results in 
the following output:

$ showq
ERROR:    cannot send request to server aerie:43559 (server may not be 
ERROR:    cannot request service (status)

Maui cannot be restarted until the job has completed (no error message 
is given, but the server doesn't start up). However, as soon as the job 
has finished the server can be started and showq runs happily.

The maui log file does not show anything that seems to relate to an 
error even when I've changed the LOGLEVEL to 7 within the maui.cfg file.

Is this a known problem that anyone else has seen? I'm stumped as to 
where to go from here.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me


Rich Bruin
Materials Grid project
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge

rbru03 at esc.cam.ac.uk

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