[Mauiusers] Re: maui-3.2.6p18 + torque-2.1.6: segfault on Maui

Josh Butikofer josh at clusterresources.com
Mon Feb 5 17:01:44 MST 2007


We have not yet released an official patch 19 because we received reports that have led us to
believe that there may be other segmentation faults/bugs lurking in patch 19 snapshots. Threads such
as "maui crashes with segv" and "maui daemon constantly dies" describe known issues that still need
to be resolved--or at least need confirmation that they no longer exist in patch 19 snapshots. Some
postings (such as "maui crashes with segv") have already verified that patch 19 snapshots contain
bugs and we are doing our best to resolve them.

As we've mentioned on this list in the past, users who are experiencing this segmentation fault, or
other bugs, should try upgrading to the latest snapshot to see if these problems are resolved. After
 our tests and community feedback indicates that reported bugs have been resolved, we will release
an official patch. We feel this snapshot->patch development model has worked well in the past for
several of our products.

We are always open to community fixes/patches for specific bugs and also welcome bug reports with
detailed information on how to reproduce the problem (steps, stack traces, etc.) Have you had a
chance to try out the latest snapshot to see if the crash you are experiencing is resolved? Please
let us know.


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Erich Focht wrote:
> Josh Butikofer wrote:
>> This bug was already fixed in the latest Maui patch 19 snapshot. Note that
>> we now officially release a Maui patch only after the snapshots for that
>> particular patch prove to be stable and we feel that enough fixes/features
>> have been rolled into them to warrant a new release. Thus patch 19 is not
>> yet listed as officially released, but snapshots for that patch are
>> already available. Snapshots always have the most up-to-date bug fixes, so
>> we recommend trying them out if you experience problems with older
>> versions of Maui.
> We've encountered these bugs, too. Considering the large number of people
> who reported these bugs the version 3.2.6p18 looks like a brown paperbag
> release. I'm wondering why the people wearing the virtual paperbag on their
> heads (maui release manager?) don't hurry more to release a bug fixed p19
> release. Two months are a long time to get many people annoyed.
> Regards,
> Erich
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