[Mauiusers] maui/torque network ports

Andre Kerstens akerstens at utep.edu
Fri Feb 2 11:47:18 MST 2007


I'm trying to setup Torque and Maui on my Scyld cluster here at the  
university. Torque works fine, but when I disable pbs_sched and start  
Maui, it says that it cannot connect to the pbs server (and pbs  
server the other way around cannot connect to the scheduler). My  
firewall is off at the moment (I thought it might be that, but no)  
and maui.cfg shows:

# maui.cfg 3.2.6p19
SERVERHOST            cluster.utep.edu
# primary admin must be first in list
ADMIN1                root
# Resource Manager Definition
# Allocation Manager Definition

The server_log shows:

02/02/2007 11:46:54;0001;PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;Connection refused
(111) in contact_sched, Could not contact Scheduler - port 15004

And maui.log when it starts up:

02/02 11:45:33 INFO:     opened service socket on port 42559
02/02 11:45:33 MSUListen(S)
02/02 11:45:33 INFO:     opened service socket on port 42560
02/02 11:45:33 MFSInitialize()

When I submit a job using qsub, it will stay queued and not get  
scheduler, because pbs_server cannot contact the scheduler. I tried  
starting maui on port 15004, but that didn't help. I'm sure it is  
trivial, but can somebody give me a hint?


PS I've searched a lot of mailing list posts for this, but haven't  
been able to find this in any archive.

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