[Mauiusers] Torque/Maui and Resources

Jon Wright jon at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Sun Dec 2 00:31:12 MST 2007

Hi we have 4 queues on our cluster assigning different machines to  
different queues.

We have now bought a license for 16 nodes to run the qchem program  
and all these 16 nodes are a subset of the 24 node 'long' queue.

We currently use the
SRCFG[long] HOSTLIST = xxx,xxx,xxx to do the assigning

I tried to make another qeue called qchem and assign 16 of the 24  
nodes to that queue but leaving all 24 nodes in the long queue as  
well but any job submitted to the new qchem queue was deferred.

I then used qmgr and
s n i01 properties=qchem
to assign the feature qchem to the 16 nodes with the idea in the  
torque submission script I can use something like

#PBS -l nodes=2:ppn=2:qchem

so that all jobs are still submitted to the long queue but ones using  
qchem are marked and so only go to qchem licensed nodes but the error  
I get is:
qsub -l qchem queues/qchem_run1.in
qsub: Unknown resource type  Resource_List.qchem

Can someone give me a simple example of how 24 nodes can be assigned  
to one queue but 16 of them can be singed out for running a  
particular type of jobs?


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