[Mauiusers] Blocking large jobs during normal business hours.

Caird, Andrew J acaird at umich.edu
Wed Aug 29 06:34:53 MDT 2007


That's what I would do - set a standing reservation on those nodes owned
by no one (or someone who will never run a job) for those hours.  The
queuing system (Torque) doesn't know any better and will happily accept
jobs all day, then when the scheduler (Maui) sees fit it will start the

Note that if people submit jobs longer than the M-F run-time window (15
hours, in your case) they won't run until the weekend, and if they
submit jobs longer than 63 hours (Friday at 5 - Monday at 8) they will
never run; you might want to set a resources_max.walltime limit of 63
hours so there's some feedback to the user.


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> I apologize if this has already been addressed, I searched 
> the archive, 
> the WIKI's for Torque/Maui, and Google and didn't find any 
> specifics.  I 
> have a 64 node cluster running Torque 2.1.2 and Maui 
> 3.2.6p19.  Inside 
> Torque I have the following queues defined:
> serial (1 node)
> p8 (2 to 8 nodes)
> p16 (9 to 16 nodes)
> p32 (17 to 32 nodes)
> p64 (33 to 64 nodes)
> batch (default queue, routing queue for above)
> During normal business hours (8am to 5pm M-F) I want to block 
> job runs 
> on the p64 queue, but still allow users to queue their p64 jobs.  I 
> think setting a standing reservation for M-F 8am-5pm for all 
> but the p64 
> queue might be the way to go, but wasn't sure if there was a 
> better way 
> to do it.  Can someone suggest the best way to proceed, if I 
> missed this 
> information in the WIKI, feel free to chastise me and point it out :).
>    Thanks,
> 	-Brad Viviano
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