[Mauiusers] Just processors

Charles Taylor taylor at hpc.ufl.edu
Sat Aug 25 06:56:12 MDT 2007

How do you tell torque+maui that you just want N cpus and don't care  
where it finds them?    It seems that the "nodes=128:ppn=4" is too  
restrictive for dual-proc,dual-core nodes because it insists on  
finding 128 nodes w/ all 4 cores free.   However, if you say  
"nodes=512:ppn=1" it says it does not have this many nodes i.e. it  
really wants to put each job on a separate node.    This is very  
antiquated in a multi-core environment so I figure I must be doing  
something wrong.   Yet, I can't find any alternative syntax for job  
submission that does what we need.   What's the solution?


Charlie Taylor
UF HPC Center

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