[Mauiusers] Setting up Torque2 with Maui

Van Sanden Guy gvsanden at SCKCEN.BE
Fri Aug 24 01:59:39 MDT 2007

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>Subject: Re: [Mauiusers] Setting up Torque2 with Maui
>I just read though the howto and it seems a bit outdated, 
>inaccurate, and incomplete.
>Assuming you installed the latest torque and maui, run 'ldd' 
>on your maui
>binary and make sure it links with libtorque.so.  Then show us 
>the RMCFG lines
>from your maui.cfg.

I got it to work!  I needed to modify the RMCFG line after the Maui

Now, I need to run some benchmarks to compare maui to the default



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