[Mauiusers] Maui and mpich2 running as root

bert beaudin bertb at aspsys.com
Mon Aug 6 10:33:34 MDT 2007

Hello all

I have the following installed:

I have things working for the most part. I now have to configure mpich2 to run as 
root to support multiple users simultaneously. This works with out any issues if 
I use pbs_sched as the scheduler. But if I run maui as the scheduler I get this error when running a job.

mpdroot: cannot connect to local mpd at: /tmp/mpd2.console_root
    probable cause:  no mpd daemon on this machine
    possible cause:  unix socket /tmp/mpd2.console_root has been removed
mpiexec_node07 (__init__ 1171): forked process failed; status=255

I can see a mpd process running on the system where the jobs are being launched. 
Mpd is being started as root like this: MPDBOOT -1 -n 12 --ncpus=4 -f mpd_hosts

Any pointers would be great. I can also provide more information if needed. 

Bert Beaudin 

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