[Mauiusers] Reservations in SIMULATION mode?

Artyom Bakulin artyom.bakulin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 23:37:03 MDT 2007


I am playing with a tiny 4-nodes cluster, that is controlled by torque
and maui. When some given events occur, I need a complete schedule
(say, jobID  / estimated start time / nodes list for each active or
idle job). To produce this schedule, I do the following steps:

First, schedctl -n to produce resource trace file
Next, showq and checkjob to generate workload trace file, that
contains all active and idle jobs
Finally, I start the second instance of maui (I call it a simulator).
Here is it's config file:
SERVERPORT                            43000
SERVERMODE                            SIMULATION
SIMRESOURCETRACEFILE    traces/res.trace
SIMWORKLOADTRACEFILE    traces/job.trace
SIMFLAGS                                    [NONE]
STATDIR                                       simstats

When simulation is completed, simstats/simstat.out contains everything
I need - estimated start time and allocated hosts list for each job.

Unfortunately, this schedule is not as accurate as it could be. The
problem is, my simulator knows nothing about reservations made in main
scheduler. Certainly, I can use showres or diagnose -r to collect all
information I need from main scheduler, but I have no idea on how to
put this reservations into simulator. Is there any straightforward way
to do this (smth like reservation traces, for example?)


Artyom Bakulin
Moscow State University

On 4/23/07, Thomas Röblitz <roeblitz at zib.de> wrote:
> Hi Artyom,
>   maybe "showres" and "diagnose -r" provide all information you need.
> Since maui uses the concept of reservations for all kinds of allocations
> (normal jobs + actual reservations), these commands show information
> about reservations as well as jobs.
> BTW, what kind of simulation are you doing?
> Cheers,
>   Thomas

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