[Mauiusers] Maui & Torque compatibility

Chris Samuel csamuel at vpac.org
Wed Apr 18 18:00:30 MDT 2007

Hi folks,

A site I help out with is running Torque and Maui and have the commendable "if 
it aint broke don't fix it" mentality.  They are running Torque 1.2.0p?? and 
Maui 3.2.6p14 (from memory) and the only issue they have that affects them is 
some double counting of resources that we believe has been fixed in a later 
version of Maui.

The problem is that 3.2.6p19 crashes with a SEGV in one of the PBS libraries 
when built against that old Torque version, and so they've stayed with the 
p14 release as we didn't have the time to upgrade Torque as well.

My thought is that it would be worth putting a minimum Torque version check 
into Maui's configuration script so that it won't build against versions it 
can't run with and tells the user, rather than just silently crashing. :-)

 Christopher Samuel - (03)9925 4751 - VPAC Deputy Systems Manager
 Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing http://www.vpac.org/
 Bldg 91, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South, VIC 3053, Australia

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