[Mauiusers] manually suspended jobs resume automatically

Neelesh Arora narora at Princeton.EDU
Tue Sep 26 11:52:46 MDT 2006


I am testing torque-2.1.2 and maui-3.2.6p16-snap.1157560841 (latest 
snapshot) on a bunch of RHEL4 based nodes.

When I try to do mjobctl -s on a job, it is suspended as expected, but 
soon after (in a few seconds) it resumes execution automatically. In the 
mom_logs on the target node, I observe that the job receives signal 20 
(SIGTSTP) and then 19 (SIGSTOP), but then in a few seconds it also 
receives signal 18 (SIGCONT) and resumes.

Whereas, if I try the torque command qsig -s suspend on the job, it 
suspends until I force-resume it with qsig -s resume.

There are no preemptor/preemptee rules defined in maui config.

Can someone please explain this behavior in maui? Am I missing something 



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