[Mauiusers] Clarification on MAXPROC

Jerry Smith jdsmit at sandia.gov
Tue Sep 12 15:20:12 MDT 2006

Good Afternoon all,

Using maui 3.2.6p14 with Torque 2.0.0p8

Dual Processor boxes configured with np=2  in $PBSHOME/nodes

We are setting a limit on users to a maximum of 132 processors total
allocated at any given time using:


What we are seeing is a user submits a 32 node / 64 proc job and that job is
allocated and running.

The user then submits a second job with the exact same requirements.  The
second job is then placed in the Deferred  state, with the following error
message from: checkjob -v <jobid>

cannot select job 112642 for partition DEFAULT (job 112642 violates active
HARD MAXPROC limit of 132 for user userA  (R: 64, U: 128)

My question is first what is the (R: 64, U: 128) referencing?

R:64 ( 64 running PROCS for this user? )
U:128 ( NO IDEA ) it looks like exactly double allocated procs

My thought was that 2 jobs at 64 procs = 128 total processors which is
Less than the 132 procs set by MAXPROC.

Why is the job deferred?   Even with not enough available nodes
  189 of  198 Nodes Active      (95.45%)

Shouldn't this job be in the IDLE section of showq and not blocked/deferred?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Jerry Smith 
Infrastructure Computing
Sandia National labs

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