[Mauiusers] Problems interfacing with Torque - 64-bit (pure) debian systems

Paul Gray gray at cs.uni.edu
Fri Sep 8 10:38:27 MDT 2006

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Our cluster is running 64-bit debian without legacy 32-bit support.  With maui
3.2.6p16 (and a slew of snapshot attempts), I'm not able to get maui and torque
to play together.

Torque seems to be doing its job, and pbs_sched is able to rudimentary
scheduling of jobs.

However, Maui startup doesn't recognize any resources:

- --- maui.log ---
09/08 11:26:48 INFO:     starting iteration 0
09/08 11:26:48 MRMGetInfo()
09/08 11:26:48 MClusterClearUsage()
09/08 11:26:48 MRMClusterQuery()
09/08 11:26:48 WARNING:  no resources detected
09/08 11:26:48 MRMWorkloadQuery()
09/08 11:26:48 WARNING:  no workload detected
09/08 11:26:48 MStatClearUsage(node,Active)
09/08 11:26:48 INFO:     parent is exiting
- ---          ---

Torque was compiled with:

../configure CC="gcc -m64" --with-server-home=/var/spool/PBS --with-default-server=metaserver --with-scp

Maui with:

 ./configure CC="gcc -m64" --with-pbs

I've been using strace, torque debugging information and a bit of netstat to
try to debug the issue, but welcome suggestions that might be more productive/

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