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Cluster Resources Newsletter - October 2006

Optimizing your Compute Resources




1.    Cluster Resources to Attend Supercomputing 2006 -- Hosts TORQUE BOF

2.    New TORQUE Release- Security Issue Fixed

3.    Updated Version of Moab Cluster Manager Released

4.    DID YOU KNOW: Support Diagnostic Script


Cluster Resources to Attend Supercomputing 2006 -- Hosts TORQUE BOF

Cluster Resources will be in booth #739 at Supercomputing 06.  The event 
will take place at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida on 
November 13-16.  We invite all attending to visit Cluster Resources' 
booth where you can ask questions, view live presentations and find out 
more about Cluster Resources' products.  The live demonstrations and 
product demos will incorporate features and functionality of all three 
Cluster Resources' product suites, Moab Cluster Suite, Moab Grid Suite 
and Moab Utility/Hosting Suite.

Cluster Resources is providing one of the three available lanyards that 
hold your pass. So when you arrive at the exhibit hall, choose the 
Cluster Resources' lanyard and show that you are part of the Moab community.

Cluster Resources will also host the TORQUE BOF on Tuesday, Nov.14 from 12:15pm-1:15pm.  The BOF will allow you to meet and discuss TORQUE Resource Manager with the professional developers, community volunteers and other members who use and have contributed to the TORQUE project. During the BOF we will discuss the current state of TORQUE including some of the more recent enhancements and capabilities along with a road map for the upcoming year.  At this time, TORQUE users can share experiences, best practices and new feature needs.

To see the functionality of Moab before you attend the event, download the free evaluation of Moab Cluster Suite at http://www.clusterresources.com/eval or Moab Grid Suite at http://www.clusterresources.com/grideval.


New TORQUE Release -- Security Issue Fixed

TORQUE 2.1.6 was released this week adding new functionality and bug 
fixes. This new release also provides users a recent fix to a security 
flaw discovered in TORQUE and other potential security issues and bugs 
found in 2.1.5.

We encourage you to upgrade to 2.1.6 for the latest changes, 
enhancements and security fixes.

We thank all those for their hard work and dedication in adding to and 
enhancing TORQUE's capabilities.

You can download the latest version at 


Updated Version of Moab Cluster Manager Released

Cluster Resources has applied many new features enhancements that 
increase the efficiency and usability of Moab's graphical administration 
tool. Some of these features include the ability to increase Moab 
Cluster Manager's log level to see the xml commands Cluster Manager is 
passing to Workload Manager. The added logging helps to diagnose 
communication issues between Moab Cluster Manager and Moab Workload Manager.

One of Cluster Manager's most valuable tools, the Visual Cluster, 
received some cosmetic changes to incorporate multiple screens and tabs 
into a single viewable area. Now an administrator can view different 
attributes nodes have while visually monitoring the status of the nodes.

Statistics received enhancements to allow for better charting and 
reporting as well as memory inefficiencies. Along with these changes 
many other small changes and fixes were applied.

To see the changes for yourself, download an updated version from the 
Cluster Resources Customer Download page at 
http://www.clusterresources.com/downloads/mcm or download the evaluation 
copy at http://www.clusterresources.com/eval. If you do not have Moab 
Workload Manager installed on a cluster of your own, then Cluster 
Resources provides an online demonstration cluster.


DID YOU KNOW: Support Diagnostic Script

Because managing a cluster is a complex task, Cluster Resources is 
constantly working on providing better diagnostic tools to aid in 
monitoring the state of the scheduler, resource managers, and other 
important components of the cluster software stack. Starting with patch 
5 of Moab, Cluster Resources has included a diagnostics script that 
provides multiple outputs of common and important diagnostic commands, 
gathers configuration and log files, and records pertinent operating 
system information. These outputs are a valuable tool in diagnosing 
issues and can help Cluster Resources support staff provide faster 

The support script, support.diag.pl (located in the tools directory of 
Moab's home directory), compresses all the information in a time-stamped 
tarball for easy storage and email transmission.

As new Moab patches are released, Cluster Resources will continue adding 
more functionality to the support script.

For more information on the diagnostic script, see: 


Contact Us:

Product Feedback, Technical Support, Consulting and Custom Development 
queries can be sent to info at clusterresources.com 
<mailto:info at clusterresources.com> or call us at +1 (801) 717-3700

Moab Workload Manager^® , Moab Cluster Manager^® and Moab Access 
Portal^® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cluster Resources 

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