[Mauiusers] a configure problem about set the max total CPU number used by any user

luo yi luoyi829 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 18 04:06:48 MDT 2006

I want set the maximum total CPU using number for every user or group. the 
total cpu using number means  the cpu number used by all jobs submitted by 
the user. if your actual total cpu using number overstep the number you 
have set ,the new job can not be submited.
for example:
user  John  ,set his number to 10
he already  submit 4 jobs ,every job use 2 cpus, than his actual number is 
if he want submit a job use 4 cpus, the result is failed,he can not submit 
this job.
but if he submit a job use 2 cpus,the result is success.

anyone can help me to configure and realize this function?

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