[Mauiusers] Re: [torqueusers] Job eligible, nodes free, but job would not start

Neelesh Arora narora at Princeton.EDU
Fri Oct 13 14:52:23 MDT 2006

Garrick Staples wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 06:58:09PM -0400, Neelesh Arora alleged:
>> - There are several jobs in the queue that are in the Q state. When I do 
>> checkjob <jobid>, I get (among other things):
>> "job can run in partition DEFAULT (63 procs available.  1 procs required)"
>> but the job remains in Q forever. It is not the case of a resource 
>> requirement not being met (as the above message indicates)
> That means a reservation is set preventing the jobs from running.
>> - restarting torque and maui did not help either
> Look at the reservations preventing the job from running.

If I do showres, I get the expected reservations for the running jobs. 
By expected, I mean the number/name of nodes assigned to each job are as 
reported by qstat/checkjob. There is only one reservation for an idle job:
ReservationID       Type S       Start         End    Duration    N/P 
88655                Job I    INFINITY    INFINITY    INFINITY    5/10 
  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32
# showres -n|grep 88655
node015        Job              88655       Idle    2    INFINITY 
INFINITE  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32
node014        Job              88655       Idle    2    INFINITY 
INFINITE  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32
node010        Job              88655       Idle    2    INFINITY 
INFINITE  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32
node003        Job              88655       Idle    2    INFINITY 
INFINITE  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32
node002        Job              88655       Idle    2    INFINITY 
INFINITE  Mon Nov 12 15:52:32

So, this probably means that no other job can start on these nodes. That 
still leaves 60+ nodes that have no reservations on them. Is there 
something else I am missing here?

 >> An update:
 >> I notice that when these jobs are stuck, one way to get them started is
 >> to set a walltime (using qalter) less than the default walltime. We set
 >> a default_walltime of 9999:00:00 at the server level and require the
 >> users to specify the needed cpu-time.
 >> This was set a long time ago and has not been causing any issues. 
But it
 >> seems now that if you have set this default and then a user submits a
 >> job with an explicit -l walltime=<time> specification, then that job
 >> runs while older jobs with default walltime wait.
 >> Can some one please shed some light on this - I am out of clues here?
 > Walltime is really important to maui.  Smaller walltimes allow jobs to
 > run within backfill windows.  If everyone has infinite walltimes, you
 > basicly reduce yourself to a simple FIFO scheduler and might as well
 > just use pbs_sched.

Well, we set default_walltime so high because maui does not care about 
the specified cpu-time (and we want to do job allocation based on 
cpu-time). Maui would take wall-time = cpu-time and kill the job if 
wall-time was exceeded, even if cpu-time was not. Refer to our previous 
discussion on this maui bug at: 


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