[Mauiusers] Clearing HostList from Maui jobs

Jay Srinivasan jay at nersc.gov
Wed Oct 11 08:30:48 MDT 2006


Does anyone happen to know if it is possible to clear the HostList from
a job that has it set (by Maui)? For instance,

checkjob 210856

checking job 210856
State: Idle
Flags:       HOSTLIST
Messages:  insufficient resources to start reserved job

So, the reason it got into this state was because the job was running
and pbs died and the job got requeued, but Maui still keeps the old

And as an even more general question, is this expected behaviour? Seems
to me that Maui should clear the hostlist when the job is requeued (or
atleast if it is not set in PBS).



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