[Mauiusers] Jobs stay in queue

Daniel Benden daniel at osp.nl
Mon Oct 9 03:36:54 MDT 2006


I'm new to Torque/Maui. I'M building a small cluster with 5 (dual dual core) nodes. Right know my test cluster has 1 masternode and 2 nodes connected to it. I use Torque 2.1.2 and maui 3.2.6p16.

I had working with the std torque  scheduler pbs_sched, but i cannot get maui to start scheduling jobs. 
Maui is seems to be running, but every job i schedule ends up in the queue and stays there. 

If i use runjob to tell the scheduler the run a job in the queue i get the following msg:

job cannot run (available nodes do not meet requirements in any partition)

checkjobs says : exceeds available partions procs.

Can anyone help me understand what i'm doing wrong and/or help me on the way to get it working ?


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