[Mauiusers] Checksum

dleske at uvic.ca dleske at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 30 17:27:37 MST 2006

Hi again,

I have now upgraded to the latest snapshot and I can schedule jobs.
That's good, but now i can't view the queues remotely from a test
client.  I have compiled both with the same checksum seed and both are
running p18.  The client, however, is straight-up p18 whereas the server
of necessity is the snapshot.  The server is complaining that the
checksums don't match.

There's really no need to upgrade the client if there is no bug there,
since it is the same version (major, minor, release, patch level!) as
the server.  But I'm forced to use a nightly build on the server side.

Given that the communication protocols wouldn't normally change except
between major or minor versions, would it make sense to have the
checksum just key off the version and the seed?  It must be looking at
something else since it's blocking a client with the same values.


Drew Leske :: Systems Group/Unix, Computing Services, University of Victoria
  dleske at uvic.ca / +1250 472 5055 (office) / +1250 588 4311 (cel)

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