[Mauiusers] segfault on 3.2.6p18

dleske at uvic.ca dleske at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 30 16:45:46 MST 2006

Hello people,

I'm seeing lots of crashes with p18, as soon as Maui tries to start a 
single job.  GDB reports the following:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
MStatUpdateActiveJobUsage (J=0xadcf858) at MStats.c:1033
1033      if ((RQ->NAccessPolicy == mnacSingleJob) &&

Looking at this code, I see RQ declared but not defined.  It looks
(through the goggles of unfamiliarity) that this snippet was just put
into the wrong place.

I'm about to delve further into this, but if somebody knows where the
code really should be, let me know!

There was another dereferenced NULL pointer patch in this version.
Those of you with a recent stable install, what are you all using?


Drew Leske :: Systems Group/Unix, Computing Services, University of Victoria
  dleske at uvic.ca / +1250 472 5055 (office) / +1250 588 4311 (cel)

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