[Mauiusers] ignoring reservations/etc for job start

Ramon Bastiaans bastiaans at sara.nl
Tue Nov 28 02:11:35 MST 2006

Well I want it to work always for a certain type of job, so qrun/runjob 
is not really a option.

Preemption of other jobs is also something I would prefer not to do, 
since the jobs I would like to run (always) don't require any resources 
at all but still do arrive through the batch system.

- Ramon.

Lennart Karlsson wrote:
> bastiaans at sara.nl said:
>> Is there some way to get a job to run always, no matter what
>> (reservations task/proc availability etc)? 
> 'qrun' or 'runjob -f' ?
> Or preempt other jobs to hijack their nodes?
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