[Mauiusers] ignoring reservations/etc for job start

Ramon Bastiaans bastiaans at sara.nl
Fri Nov 24 06:29:18 MST 2006

Is there some way to get a job to run always, no matter what 
(reservations task/proc availability etc)?

It seems MOAB supports this option for standing reservations SRCFG:

"IGNRSV 	request will ignore existing resource reservations allowing the 
reservation to be forced onto available resources even if this conflicts 
with other reservations."

But I can't find anything about it for maui and how to apply it to for 
example a QOSCFG or similar. I've tried making a QOSCFG with IGNALL or 
USERESERVED but it does not seem to have the desired effect. Maui keeps 
reporting "idle procs do not meet requirements", which I want to ignore 
and just start it. ;)

Is it even possible, has anyone done anything like this?

- Ramon.
ing. R. Bastiaans

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