[Mauiusers] maui showq

Earle Nietzel Earle.Nietzel at marist.edu
Tue Nov 14 11:48:01 MST 2006

I believe I understand what has happened:

When I execute:
showq --loglevel=9

This line is of importance

The 3rd parameter sets DoSocketLayerAuth=TRUE which when TRUE it will add
the mckTimeStamp (i.e. TS=1163530003) to the data packet that is sent to
the server.

However, when WireProtocol = mwpS32 it will set DoSocketLayerAuth=FALSE and
therefore not add the TimeStamp to the data packet. This creates the
condition that I am having.

The only place I can see where it sets the WireProtocol = mwpS32 is here

  if (S->WireProtocol == mwpNONE)
    /* determine wire protocol */

    if (strstr(S->RBuffer,"<Envelope") != NULL)
      S->WireProtocol = mwpS32;

      /* set default algorithm */

      S->CSAlgo = MSched.DefaultCSAlgo;
    }    /* END if (S->WireProtocol == mwpNONE) */

  /* adjust state */

  switch (S->WireProtocol)
    case mwpS32:

      /* no socket level authentication required */

      DoAuthenticate = FALSE;



      /* NO-OP */

    }  /* END switch (S->WireProtocol) */

While all this seems ok the server is expecting an mckTimeStamp which is
removed when the WireProtocol = mwpS32.

So the final question is should the server not look for a mckTimeStamp when
the WireProtocol = mwpS32
Should the client still be adding the mckTimeStamp to the data packet when
the WireProtocol = mwpS32?

Does anyone have an idea?


(I am partial to the first option, server should not expect to see a
mckTimeStamp when the WireProtocol = mwpS32.)

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