[Mauiusers] maui showq

Earle Nietzel Earle.Nietzel at marist.edu
Tue Nov 14 07:47:59 MST 2006

>> I beleive I am missing the mckTimeStamp from the packet that gets
>sent to
>> the server.
>  I have never seen this problem.  Is the showq command run on the
>system as where the maui server run and the what type of batch system
>you run.

The showq is being run on the same server that maui is installed.
I am using torque-2.1.6 and maui-3.2.6-p16.

>If you use different nodes maybe it is a time problem. Do
>use ntp to synchronize the times?

Yes all nodes are synchronized via ntp.

Whenever I submit a job via qsub maui does schedule the job on a remote
node. My only problem is when I run any of the maui client commands I get
this error. All torque client commands are working fine (i.e. pbsnodes -a,
returns a list of all the nodes).

If I telnet to maui and send a correct packet (i.e. one with the TS) I able
to get past this error.

I can safely say that the client is not constructing a valid packet, I am
going through the src to see if I can find out why this is.

Should I bugzilla this?


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