[Mauiusers] maui showq

Earle Nietzel Earle.Nietzel at marist.edu
Mon Nov 13 12:10:18 MST 2006

I beleive I am missing the mckTimeStamp from the packet that gets sent to
the server.

Here is the command that is sent to the server:
CK=3705ca6ad72eedfb  DT=CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0 ALL 0

Here is the same thing but from someone else:
CK=e96a2536f378122f TS=1128006244 AUTH=root DT=CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0

Notice that the server shows:
ALERT:    cannot locate timestamp

I have also verified the problem with strace, the TS is not in the packet.
send(3, "00000057\nCK=3705ca6ad72eedfb  DT=CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0 ALL 0
\n", 66, 0) = 66

Anyone else run into this problem?

Earle Nietzel

# showq --loglevel=9
INFO:     LOGLEVEL set to 9
INFO:     flags loaded
INFO:     1 command line args remaining:  'showq'
INFO:     trying to connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Port: 40559)
INFO:     non-blocking mode established
INFO:     successful connect to TCP server (sd: 3)
INFO:     header created '00000057
CK=3705ca6ad72eedfb  DT='
INFO:     sending short packet '00000057
CK=3705ca6ad72eedfb  DT=CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0 ALL 0
INFO:     sending packet '00000057
CK=3705ca6ad72eedfb  DT=CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0 ALL 0
INFO:     packet sent (66 bytes of 66)
INFO:     message sent to server
INFO:     message sent: 'CMD=showq AUTH=root ARG=0 ALL 0
ALERT:    cannot determine packet size
ERROR:    lost connection to server
ERROR:    cannot request service (status)

# tail /var/log/maui.log
11/13 13:54:15 INFO:     connect request from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
11/13 13:54:15 INFO:     received service request from host
11/13 13:54:15 INFO:     client socket from 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' accepted
11/13 13:54:15 UIProcessCommand(S)
11/13 13:54:15 MSURecvData(S,5000000,TRUE,SC,EMsg)
11/13 13:54:15 MSURecvPacket(10,BufP,9,NULL,5000000,SC)
11/13 13:54:15 MSURecvPacket(10,BufP,57,NULL,5000000,SC)
11/13 13:54:15 ALERT:    cannot locate timestamp
 11/13 13:54:15 ALERT:    cannot read client packet
11/13 13:54:15 MSUDisconnect(S)

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