[Mauiusers] Client commands error (showq, showbf, etc..)

Earle Nietzel Earle.Nietzel at marist.edu
Tue Nov 7 13:51:07 MST 2006

I have searched the email list and found others who have had a similar
problem but it was due to some keys not matching between the client and
server, I beleive this is not the error I am seeing.

I have built maui-3.2.6p16 on one server with torque 2.1.6.

I have confirmed that maui seems to be functioning well since when I submit
commands via qsub I can see maui sending the job to one of the torque nodes
with qstat. Everything appears to work correctly except when I issue any
maui client commands like showq.

# showq
ERROR:    lost connection to server
ERROR:    cannot request service (status)
# tail /var/log/maui.log
11/07 15:29:27 INFO:     connect request from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
11/07 15:29:27 INFO:     received service request from host
11/07 15:29:27 INFO:     client socket from 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' accepted
11/07 15:29:27 UIProcessCommand(S)
11/07 15:29:27 MSURecvData(S,5000000,TRUE,SC,EMsg)
11/07 15:29:27 MSURecvPacket(10,BufP,9,NULL,5000000,SC)
11/07 15:29:27 MSURecvPacket(10,BufP,57,NULL,5000000,SC)
11/07 15:29:27 ALERT:    cannot locate timestamp
11/07 15:29:27 ALERT:    cannot read client packet
11/07 15:29:27 MSUDisconnect(S)

What seems to bother me is the ALERT's about not locating the timestamp and
not being able to read the client packet.

Earle Nietzel

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