[Mauiusers] mnodectl ?

Rouben Tchakhmakhtchian rouben at utsc.utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 7 12:53:36 MST 2006

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Moab certainly has more features than Maui, but it's important to
remember that they are closely related. I think it's fair to say that
Moab is in part derived from Maui.

- From personal experience, I found Moab documentation to be very useful
when configuring Maui, especially for little bits and pieces that were
either incorrect, unclear or even missing from the Maui documentation.
Granted, there were some features documented in Moab that when attempted
in Maui didn't work or were not implemented, but it's usually fairly
easy to determine what those are by trial and error.

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Jacques Foury wrote:
> Rouben Tchakhmakhtchian a écrit :
>> I suggest reading the documentation for Moab. It is of much better
>> quality and a lot of it applies to Maui as well. It is unfortunate that
>> supercluster.org doesn't maintain the documentation for their open
>> source projects as well as they should. Perhaps everyone would be better
>> off if that task was handed off to the community?
>> Rouben Tchakhmakhtchian
> thanks, Rouben for your answer,
> But I guess moab is more complete than maui, due to its status.
> Than one cannot be sure that moab's manual for mnodectl applies to
> maui's mnodectl.
> That's why I ask for this manual.
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