[Mauiusers] mnodectl ?

Rouben Tchakhmakhtchian rouben at utsc.utoronto.ca
Tue Nov 7 08:55:13 MST 2006

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I suggest reading the documentation for Moab. It is of much better
quality and a lot of it applies to Maui as well. It is unfortunate that
supercluster.org doesn't maintain the documentation for their open
source projects as well as they should. Perhaps everyone would be better
off if that task was handed off to the community?

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Jacques Foury wrote:
> Hi,
> I've listed the files installed by maui rpm, and found mnodectl command.
> No doc is available at all, nor on the supercluster.org site, nor on
> clusterresources.com
> I've only found an incomplete page, which seems talk about mjobctl
> instead of mnodectl.
> Is mnodectl usable ?
> How can we use it ?
> My goal is to get a node offline without having it appear on pbsnodes -l
> output. (Did I say I use Torque ?  8-) )
> Thanks.
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