[Mauiusers] Connection Refused Problem

Curtis Wensley curtis.wensley at us.cd-adapco.com
Thu Nov 2 06:18:50 MST 2006

I've getting the Connection Refused problem that I've read about
frequently on this list but I'm still not able to get it to work.

/var/log/messages says the following and it continually repeats itself...
Nov  2 07:32:36 linux74 pbs_server: Connection refused (111) in
contact_sched, Could not contact Scheduler - port 15004

I'm not sure if my problem is a hostname problem or is something else. 
Local and NIS resolves my machine name as linux74, but DNS resolves my
machine as linux74.company.com.  When I setup torque and ran
torque.setup it resolved the hostname as linux74 so I used that in Maui
as well.  Where do I go from here to get Maui to start my jobs?

Curtis Wensley

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