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Cluster Resources Newsletter – May 2006
Optimizing your Compute Resources



1. ORNL chooses Moab on Cray XT3 Cluster
2. Moab Patch 5 Released
3. TORQUE Version 2.1.0 ready for download
4. Cluster Resources Offers Support and Maintenance for Gold
5. DID YOU KNOW: Object Triggers

ORNL Chooses Moab on Cray XT3 Cluster, #10 Fastest in World

Cluster Resources, Inc.TM announced earlier this month that Oak Ridge
National Laboratory (ORNL) employed Moab Cluster Suite® to manage its
Cray XT3 Jaguar cluster, number ten in the Top500.org list, providing
greater control and functionality.

ORNL's computing resources are among the fastest in the world. In order
to provide optimal efficiency in utilization and more fine-tuned control,
ORNL turned to Cluster Resources’ Moab technologies for a solution to
manage job scheduling for their 5,294 node cluster.

“ORNL owns some of the most powerful hardware money can buy,” said David
Jackson, CTO of Cluster Resources, Inc. “Adding Moab on top of their
hardware empowers ORNL with one of the most powerful management tools
available. We are pleased with how well Moab has worked on top of the
Cray XT3 cluster to give administrators fine-tuned control. ORNL appears
also to be pleased as they are now running Moab on their leadership-class

ORNL also uses Moab on “Phoenix”, a 1024 multi-streaming vector processor
Cray X1E system, and “Ram”, a large SGI Altix system. For more information
about Moab or for a free evaluation, visit www.clusterresources.com/moab.
To learn more about ORNL’s Jaguar Cluster, go to

Cluster Resources, Inc. Announces Release of Moab Workload Manager® 4.5.0p5

Cluster Resources released patch 5 for the Moab Workload Manager on May 24.
The new patch came out 20 days after patch 4, and represents many
suggestions from valued customers. Some of the key improvements in the
new patch are:

- enabled mrmctl -x {-=|+=}<NC>
- added support for afterok, afternotok and afterany
- added intelligent local release of utility computing nodes

“This patch is a utility computing centered release, with a lot of little
bug fixes for everyone else,” said Doug Wightman, senior software manager
of Cluster Resources. “The major improvements are enhancements to utility
computing capabilities and dynamic modifications of VPCs.”

For the complete changelog, please visit
To download the evaluation version of Moab Workload Manager® 4.5.0p5,
please visit www.clusterresources.com/eval.


After more than 5 months of active development, TORQUE 2.1.0 is ready for
immediate download. David Jackson, Chief Technology Officer at Cluster
Resources, Inc., made the announcement earlier this month.

“There have already been over 6,000 downloads of the early releases of
TORQUE 2.1.0 from leading sites representing commercial, government, and
academic organizations and their feedback has been actively incorporated,”
Jackson said. “The new release of TORQUE is more stable, more secure, more
scalable, and more user friendly with improvements in virtually every
aspect of operation.”

Details concerning updates and changes in the new version can be viewed at
http://clusterresources.com/torquechangelog, and the new version can be
downloaded at http://clusterresources.com/downloads/torque.

“Many thanks go out to the dedicated contributors to the TORQUE project,”
Jackson said. “It has become immensely successful, with over 10,000
downloads per month and use throughout all aspects of HPC. Please continue
to let us know how we can make it even better!”

Cluster Resources, Inc. Announces Support and Maintenance Services for Gold
Accounting and Allocation Manager

Cluster Resources, Inc. recently added Gold Accounting and Allocation 
to its open source library. With the addition of Gold, Cluster Resources 
maintains and supports three open source tools including TORQUE Resource
Manager and Maui Cluster SchedulerTM. In addition, two of Cluster 
commercial suites, Moab Cluster Suite® and Moab Grid Suite®, are both
compatible with Gold.

Cluster Resources has hired the original developer of Gold, Scott 
Jackson, to
assist with ongoing Gold enhancements and support.

“Gold represents a significant step in furthering the manageability and
usability of supercomputers and computational grids.” said Jackson, 
of Software Engineering. “I created Gold to scale to clusters with tens of
thousands of nodes and to manage the usage of hundreds of projects and 
while at the same time being reliable, secure and easy to use.”

Gold is an accounting system that tracks resource usage on high performance
computers. Similar to a bank, accounts are established to pre-allocate
available resources to specific users and projects within specified time
frames to prevent overuse.

To find out more about Gold Accounting and Allocation Manager, visit
www.clusterresources.com/gold. Gold is freely available to download from
Cluster Resources' Web site, and users are welcome to subscribe to Gold's
mailing list. To inquire about support for Gold, please either email
Cluster Resources at info at clusterresources.com or call +1 (801) 873-3400.

DID YOU KNOW: Object Triggers

Moab can launch events or triggers based on certain events. For example,
an administrator may want to send an email to the owner of a particular
reservation when system usage drops below a specific threshold, or a user
may want to launch an evaluation script five minutes before his job is
scheduled for completion. Triggers can be associated with jobs, nodes,
reservations or the core scheduler and enable actions to be taken when
the specified event, offset and threshold criteria are satisfied.

There are three ways to create triggers. A trigger can be associated with a
standing reservation, node or the scheduler by using the TRIGGER parameter
with SRCFG, SCHEDCFG or NODECFG. You can also add a trigger to an already
existing reservation, node, job or the scheduler itself by using the
mschedctl command. Or, to add a trigger to an administrative reservation,
use the mrsvctl command.

For full instructions on how and when to use triggers, please visit

Contact Us:
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Moab Grid Suite®, Moab Cluster Suite®, Moab Workload Manager®, Moab Cluster
Manager®, Moab Access Portal® and Maui Cluster SchedulerTM are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Cluster Resources IncorporatedTM.

* TORQUE Resource Manager software developed by NASA Ames Research Center,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Veridian Information Solutions,
Inc. Visit www.OpenPBS.org for OpenPBS software support, products, and
information. TORQUE is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Altair Grid
Solutions, Inc.

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