[Mauiusers] Standing Reservation not working

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick mfitzpat at bu.edu
Wed Mar 8 09:54:38 MST 2006

Hi Troy,
I tried you suggestion, and it do not work.
mef2 submitted a job to test queue, and node124 was off-line.  The job 
ran on another node.

Just not sure how to isolate that node to test queue and user mef2.

Mary Ellen

Troy Baer wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 11:37 -0500, Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>I am having trouble creating a standing reservation.  I am running 
>>maui-3.0.7 and openpbs_2.4 on RH7.3. 
>>I have followed the manual to set up the reservation.   Jobs are being 
>>submitted to the pbs "test" queue.
>>SRNAME[0] zodiac
>>SRHOSTLIST[0] node124
>>SRUSERLIST[0] mef2
>>The goal is to have a permanent standing reservation for node124, where 
>>jobs submitted by SRUSERLIST/SRGROUP will be allowed to access the node 
>>and no one else.  If the node is idle, it will not be used by other jobs.
>>When node124 is offline:
>>a job submitted to the test queue by user mef2 will run on any node.  My 
>>expectation is that the job would sit in the queue until the node was 
>>available and not run on any other node(s).
>>node124 is on-line:
>>a non-SRgroup/user specifies node124 in the job and submits to the test 
>>queue, it will run on node124.  I would expect SR would reject the job, 
>>due to the SR parameters.
>>Seems like the maui SR is not being read by pbs, even though SRCLASSLIST 
>>is defined as test.
>>User mef2/group test, is the only user allowed to submit jobs to the 
>>queue test.  Specified via acl_users/groups.
>>Do I need to define QOS parameters as well?  Based on the manual, it 
>>does not seem like I have to.
>>Any help would be appreciated.
>AFAIK, access controls on standing reservations in Maui (eg. SRUSERLIST,
>SRGROUPLIST, SRCLASSLIST) are logically OR-ed together, so your
>reservation is in effect saying that anything owned by mef2 *OR* in
>group test *OR* in class test is allowed to access the node.  I think
>this will do what you want if you comment out the SRGROUPLIST and
>SRCLASSLIST rules and just use SRUSERLIST.
>	--Troy

Mary Ellen

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