[Mauiusers] Standing Reservation not working

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick mfitzpat at bu.edu
Wed Mar 8 09:37:23 MST 2006

I am having trouble creating a standing reservation.  I am running 
maui-3.0.7 and openpbs_2.4 on RH7.3. 
I have followed the manual to set up the reservation.   Jobs are being 
submitted to the pbs "test" queue.

SRNAME[0] zodiac
SRHOSTLIST[0] node124

The goal is to have a permanent standing reservation for node124, where 
jobs submitted by SRUSERLIST/SRGROUP will be allowed to access the node 
and no one else.  If the node is idle, it will not be used by other jobs.

When node124 is offline:
a job submitted to the test queue by user mef2 will run on any node.  My 
expectation is that the job would sit in the queue until the node was 
available and not run on any other node(s).

node124 is on-line:
a non-SRgroup/user specifies node124 in the job and submits to the test 
queue, it will run on node124.  I would expect SR would reject the job, 
due to the SR parameters.

Seems like the maui SR is not being read by pbs, even though SRCLASSLIST 
is defined as test.
User mef2/group test, is the only user allowed to submit jobs to the 
queue test.  Specified via acl_users/groups.

Do I need to define QOS parameters as well?  Based on the manual, it 
does not seem like I have to.
Any help would be appreciated.

Mary Ellen

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