[Mauiusers] maui.ck & reservations

Alessandro Federico alessandro.federico at caspur.it
Tue Mar 7 09:56:27 MST 2006


with maui-3.2.6p13 i have the following problem when i restart maui
while there is an active reservation (setres):

free(): invalid pointer 0x222d9c0!

if i delete the line describing the reservation from the maui checkpoint
file (maui.ck)

~ # grep RESERVATION /opt/spool/maui/maui.ck
RESERVATION           afederic.0 1141749037 <res
ACL="RES=%=afederic=;USER=%=afederic+;" HostExp="inode15" MaxTasks="0"
Name="afederic.0" NodeCount="1" Resources="PROCS=[ALL]" StatCAPS="0.00"
StatCIPS="0.00" StatTAPS="0.00" StatTIPS="0.00" Type="2"
endtime="1141767060" flags="32" starttime="1141749060"></res>

all works fine... but i lose my reservation!



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