[Mauiusers] standing reservation times not working as expected

Troy Baer troy at osc.edu
Mon Mar 6 09:00:15 MST 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 10:27 +0000, L.S.Lowe at bham.ac.uk wrote:
> Hello, the following standing reservation was intended to provide quick 
> turnround for short jobs during the working week.
> It successfully reserves three 2-proc nodes, according to showres -n.
> But it has allowed 2 jobs with 7-day walltime to start on Friday at 19:00 
> on one of those reserved nodes, so that's unavailable for all this week. 
> I had expected maui to know that it could 'backfill' till Monday 9am 
> but not beyond. Is there anything wrong or missing with the config?
> Also, on restarting maui, even with a new SR name for this reservation, 
> maui re-allocated the reservation to the same 3 nodes, including the one
> with the 2 7-day jobs running!
> SRCFG[quickx]  PERIOD=DAY DAYS=Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
> SRCFG[quickx]  STARTTIME=09:00:00 ENDTIME=19:00:00
> SRCFG[quickx]  CLASSLIST=tiny,midi
> SRCFG[quickx]  TASKCOUNT=3

Is this your whole SRCFG stanza for this purpose?  I don't see anything
here that constrains the walltime of jobs accessing the reservation,
unless it's built into the tiny and midi classes.

You may also want to consider increasing the depth of the reservation to
at least one more than the length of your longest allowed job in days,

SRCFG[quickx]  DEPTH=8

Here's a standing res I use on one of our systems for a similar purpose:

SRCFG[paralleldebug]    PARTITION=old
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    TASKCOUNT=32
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    RESOURCES=PROCS:2
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    STARTTIME=08:00:00 ENDTIME=18:00:00
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    PERIOD=DAY DEPTH=14
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    DAYS=Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    MAXTIME=1:00:00
SRCFG[paralleldebug]    FLAGS=SPACEFLEX

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