[Mauiusers] isolating individual nodes from the node pool

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick mfitzpat at bu.edu
Fri Mar 3 11:18:08 MST 2006

I am running OpenPBS_2.4 and Maui 3.0.7.  I want to create a test queue 
with assigned nodes, so that only jobs submitted to that queue will use 
the specified nodes and no other queue can use the isolated nodes.  I 
have been testing/changing some parameters in Maui and in pbs.  Both the 
pbs test queue and maui.cfg specific entries are listed below.  The pbs 
queue test is pretty standard.

In the maui.cfg file, I have added the following, hoping to isolate 
node124 from the rest of the cluster accessing only via the test queue.

# Specific nodes to a queue/class - mef 030306

# Reservation for zodiac nodes - mef 030306
SRHOSTLIST[0] node124

The pbs script I do not specify any particular nodes, as I believe maui 
should be able to know what nodes the test queue requires. Here is error 
I get when I submit my job:
qsub: Illegal attribute or resource value for  Resource_List.nodes

Which leads me to believe that maui and pbs are not talking with regard 
to the isolated node/test queue.

Obviously, I have something configured incorrectly, could you point me 
in the proper direction.
Thank you
Mary Ellen

create queue test
set queue test queue_type = Execution
set queue test Priority = 10
set queue test max_running = 5
set queue test resources_max.nodect = 1
set queue test resources_max.walltime = 36:00:00
set queue test resources_default.nodect = 1
set queue test resources_default.nodes = 1
set queue test resources_default.walltime = 36:00:00
set queue test max_user_run = 5
set queue test enabled = True
set queue test started = True

Mary Ellen

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