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Francesco Del Citto del.citto at ing.uniroma2.it
Fri Mar 3 04:41:18 MST 2006

etienne gondet ha scritto:

> Hello Francesco ,
>     First having no walltime limits to a queue may be dangerous if you
> use one day Maui rather than pbs_sched
> because maui abslutely need that limits fot his backfilling algorithm
> and if you restart Maui, all the jobs of this
> queue with no walltime limit may be lost.
> So I personnaly force a default walltime limit in the server very low
> to force my users to fix one.
> set server resources_default.walltime = 00:00:59
> To limit qsub -I jobs to a low time limit queue I use a route queue
> with cascade executions queue :
> create queue feed
> set queue feed queue_type = Route
> set queue feed route_destinations = oper
> set queue feed route_destinations += binode
> set queue feed route_destinations += short
> set queue feed route_destinations += long
> set queue feed route_destinations += verylong
> set queue feed route_destinations += weekend
> set queue feed route_destinations += z_error
> set queue feed enabled = True
> set queue feed started = True
> So oper is the operationnal queue where only few users are allowed :
> Short will receive the jobs such as submitted with qsub -I with no
> special limits.

First of all, thank you for the suggestion of setting a max walltime for
each queue! I didn't know the consequence of using MAUI (that I am
actually using) without such limit.
I have this simple configuration, now:

create queue route
set queue route queue_type = Route
set queue route route_destinations = debug
set queue route route_destinations += long
set queue route enabled = True
set queue route started = True
set queue debug resources_max.walltime = 12:00:00
set queue debug resources_default.walltime = 04:00:00
set queue long resources_max.walltime = 2399:00:00
set queue long resources_default.walltime = 2399:00:00

This could be a chance, but it doesn't prevent to submit an interactive
job with more than the maximum time allowed for the queu debug.
I can submit an interactive job with "qsub -I -l
nodes=4,walltime=72:00:00" and it qould be accepted by the queue "long".
I'd live to avoid this chance, by accepting interactive jobs ONLY in the
"debug" queue.
Setting a very low default walltime forces the users to fix one, but I
still can't limit the requested walltime for the interactive job.
Is it possible?

> Sincerely yours
>     Etienne Gondet
> /Operationnal oceanography
> 8-10 rue HERMES
> France
> tel:  05 61 39 38 11 (from France);       33 5 61 39 38 11 (other)
> fax:  05 61 39 38 99 (from france);       33 5 61 39 38 99 (other)
> /
> Francesco Del Citto a écrit:
>>I'm using torque+maui and I'd like to improve my queue configuration.
>>More in detail, I've created two different queues, the first one with
>>limited resources_max.walltime, while the second without limitation.
>>The question is: how can I configure a "Route" queue such that an
>>interactive job ("qsub -I") will be routed towards the limited queue,
>>while a "normal" job will be routed to the other one, without requiring
>>the users to specifing it?
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>>torqueusers at supercluster.org

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