[Mauiusers] qos and groups

Garrick Staples garrick at clusterresources.com
Fri Jun 30 09:39:00 MDT 2006

On Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 11:27:02AM -0400, Steve Young alleged:
> Hello, 
>  	I have a question about groups and qos's in maui. I have a few
> different group accounts (which I correlate to projects). Some users
> belong to more than one group. I also have defined some qos's and set
> the GROUPCFG for each group to have a defined qos. The problem I seem to
> have is that all the users have a default group of "hamilton" which has
> no qos assigned to it. It appears to me that maui only assigns the qos
> based on the default group for a user. Is there a way for a person to
> submit jobs so that the proper qos will get selected for the group they
> intend the job to work from? Thanks,

Maui should be getting the group from the Resource Manager.

If you are using TORQUE, that would be the job's egroup attribute, which
is assigned by qsub.

qsub uses the user's primary group unless secondary group(s) are specified
with '-W group_list=g_list'.  From the qsub manpage:

          Defines  the  group  name  under which the job is to run on the
          execution system.  The g_list argument is of the form:
          Only one group name may be given per specified host.  Only  one
          of  the group specifications may be supplied without the corre-
          sponding host specification.  That group  name  will used  for
          execution  on  any host not named in the argument list.  If not
          set, the group_list defaults to the primary group of  the user
          under which the job will be run.

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