[Mauiusers] MAXPROC soft and hard limits

Neelesh Arora narora at Princeton.EDU
Fri Jun 30 10:30:55 MDT 2006


I have implemented the soft/hard limits on the MAXPROC parameter, as per 
the maui manual (maui version 3.2.6p13, torque 2.0.0p2), but I am seeing 
unexpected behavior:

- defined the parameter group-wise as follows
GROUPCFG[A]        MAXPROC=100,200
GROUPCFG[B]        MAXPROC=50,175
GROUPCFG[C]        MAXPROC=40,175

- there are 5 cpus free and no jobs are in Q. Here is the group-wise 
processor usage (active procs used):
group A		8
group B		10
group C		57
group other1	61
group other2	5
group X		88

- A user from group X then submits several more jobs. Each of these jobs 
remains in Q state with checkjob reporting that "job 55059 violates 
active SOFT MAXPROC limit of 30 for group X". There are still 5 cpus free.

This does not seem normal. I would have expected that group X would be 
allowed to run jobs until they hit total procs=175, since there are no 
other competing jobs. Infact, the way I read the manual, this setup 
would allow groups 'other1', 'other2' and X to go upto max 175 procs 
each. Right?

Also, the diagnostic message from maui is misleading. The soft-limit of 
30 has long been crossed !

Can anyone suggest what am I missing in this picture? What's the 
correlation between these numbers?



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