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Keenahn Jung keenahn at tellme.com
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Hello! Thanks for your quick reply. However, that does not answer my
question. Could you perhaps point me to the lines of code in Maui where
it detects that a job has failed and sends a message back to the
resource manager?

Thanks, K

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On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 05:44:30PM -0700, Keenahn Jung alleged:
> >From the documentation:
> " Maui supports two other types of holds. The first is a temporary
> known as a 'defer'. A job is deferred if the scheduler determines that
> it cannot run. This can be because it asks for resources which do not
> currently exist, does not have allocations to run, is rejected by the
> resource manager, repeatedly fails after start up, etc."
> How does Maui determine that the job has failed? I assume that it
> somehow has access to the return code of the job, is this correct? If
> this is so, how can I retrieve the return code? Thank you!

It depends on which resource manager you are using.

If you are using TORQUE, enable the "keep_completed" feature and you can
read the "exit_status" attribute from a job stat.

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